6 of the Best Mobile Caravan Sites by the Sea for Seniors

6 of the Best Mobile Caravan Sites by the Sea for Seniors

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Camping in the UK has become so popular recently. Not only does it encourage people to step away from their normal lives, but the scenic views are definitely one for the books!

From caravan parks to wild camping, England is filled with camping grounds for every demographic. But did you know that there are caravan sites by the sea? Undeniably everyone’s dream, it’s perfect for those who want to make the most out of retirement.

Here are 6 of the best caravan sites by the sea!

6 Of The Best Caravan Sites By The Sea

Spending retirement by the sea is a dream! Here are some of the ideal caravan sites along the UK coastline.

1. Shell Island, Gwynedd North Wales

One our list of best caravan sites in the UK, Shell Island was at the top. If you’re looking for the perfect spot that not only brings great camping experiences but is also known for their low tides, Shell Island is going to be your place.

2. Bryher Campsite, Isles of Scilly

Next on our list of best caravan sites in the Uk, Bryher Campsite. Located between two hills in the southwest, this caravan site is an undeniable paradise. From it’s luxurious greenery to its beautiful sandy beach, Bryher Campsite should definitely be on the top of your list.

3. Treen Farm Campsite, Penzance

Located about 10 minutes away from Sennan, Treen Farm Campsite was next on our list. Because it sits in a field away from the cliff, it’s not too noisy. And because this site is located near some of Cornwall’s greatest beaches, it makes it one of the best caravan sites to consider.

4. Ayr Holiday Park, St Ives

The name itself gives it away! With beautiful views of the beach, Ayr Holiday Park is one of the best caravan sites for surf watching. And because the nearby facilities are rated highly for their family-friendly atmosphere, it’s the perfect site if you’re planning on bringing the family.

5. Bay View Farm, Cornwall

If you’re looking for a small site, Bay View Farm is going to be perfect. Amazing views from West Looe to St. George’s Island, Bay View Farm is known for its great food and even better scenery.

6. Dale Hill Farm, Pembrokeshire

We couldn’t get through the list of best caravan sites without listing Dale Hill Farm. If you’re looking to overlook Pembrokeshire Heritage Coast, this is going to be the perfect spot for you. Some seniors are fearful of limited mobility due to the rocky terrain, but there’s no need to fret. Contact us and one of our representatives will point you in the right direction.

Need The Extra Mobility Help? Browse Our Site!

There you have it. The ultimate list of the best caravan sites by the sea. Be sure to check out our online store! Specifically made for those looking for easier mobility, our store caters to seniors looking to caravan with ease.

Here at Leisure Access, we are here to help. Feel free to shop our inventory and begin enjoying your best days doing what you love.

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