Silver Campers: Stress-Free Camping Tips for Seniors Who Love the Outdoors

Silver Campers: Stress-Free Camping Tips for Seniors Who Love the Outdoors

Seniors sat in front of a popup tent

Camping is only for young people, right? WRONG! Age is just a number.

Many seniors enjoy camping in the great outdoors. In fact, research shows those over the age of 65 are Britain’s top holidaymakers.

Camping can be challenging. But don’t let your camping holiday be an “in-tents” experience! Check out these amazing camping tips and tricks for seniors.

“Be Prepared”

As the Scouts would say before they embark on a camping expedition, “be prepared”. Camping requires more preparation than most other types of holiday.

Several weeks before you plan to go on your trip, write an extensive list of all you need. From tents, sleeping bags and caravan steps to torches, mosquito spray and marshmallows for the campfire.

Do your homework and find a campsite which accommodates your health needs. This is essential if someone in your camping party has mobility issues.

You can even buy handy equipment to help make your camping experience a more comfortable one. For instance, support bars, caravan steps, and mini electric lifts. Having mobility issues doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun!

Camping Setup Ideas

Now, there’s camping and there’s comfort camping (also known as glamping). If you want your vacation to be comfortable, it all starts with the camping setup.

Enjoying Comfort in a Caravan

Motorhome and caravan camping is the preferred type of camping for most seniors. You can enjoy the fresh air and serene environment, yet you can still sleep in a comfortable bed.

Towing a caravan or taking a motorhome also means you can pack plenty of supplies in advance. You don’t have to worry about a major tent camping setup. You literally drive, hook up to electricity, and enjoy!

But is it possible to make tent camping comfortable? Read these next handy tips for camping.

How to Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Good old fashioned tent camping is a bit rougher than staying in a cosy caravan. But there are a few ways to make tent camping more comfortable.

For instance, find a tent that is easy to put up, like a pop up or an inflatable tent. Older tents can be a real pain to pitch, but newer versions pop up more easily. It’s always better to go for a larger option too, so you can fit all your gear inside and still have plenty of room.

And always use air mattresses or camping cots instead of sleeping directly on the floor!

Essentials for Comfort Camping

Staying warm is extremely important when camping. Even if you’re not camping in the middle of winter, summer nights can be pretty chilly, too. Especially if you’re up high in the mountains somewhere.

You could build a fire, but that can be exhausting. Make sure to carry plenty of insulation blankets and warm clothes instead.

If you run out of supplies, it may require a long trek to gather food. Especially if the campsite is far away from your vehicle. Always take more food and water than you need.

Don’t forget a medical kit. This is especially important for seniors as their immunity is lower and they are more prone to becoming ill.

While you don’t need to carry an entire pharmacy, you do need to make sure you have all needed emergency items. This includes any of your own personal medication.

Camping Tips and More

Just because you’re older and wiser than before, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure once in a while. Follow these camping tips and you’ll enjoy a comfy bit of glamping without wearing yourself out too much.

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