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MGI Milenco Original Double Aluminium Caravan Steps

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The premium MGI Milenco Original Double Aluminium Caravan Steps are safe and functional, helping you reach new heights while preventing injury. Not only are these steps made from lightweight and strong aluminium, but they also meet the EN1645 safety guidelines. The base is larger than the top to prevent the steps from ever toppling over.

These steps can take weights of over 200kg, and the tread plate on the steps helps to prevent slipping, even when wet. The tread size is 360x210mm with the first step being 180mm and the second step being 360mm.

The MGI Milenco Original Double Aluminium Steps is light, durable and extremely safe. If you want steps that you can use anywhere and never slip, slide or topple over, then these are the right steps for you.

  • Super lightweight aluminium construction
  • Meet strict safety guidelines (EN1645)
  • Will carry a load in excess of 200kg
  • Textured tread plate that is non-slip, even when wet
  • Base of the steps is larger than the top, which ensures the step cannot topple over
  • The step is designed so that it will not sink into the ground – or damage awning carpet in any way
  • Tread size: 360 mm x 210mm
  • Step Height: Step 1 is 180mm, Step 2 is 360mm

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