4 Senior Outdoor Activities You’ll Love to Do over and over Again

4 Senior Outdoor Activities You’ll Love to Do over and over Again

A youngish OAP pushing grand child in a pram

There are so many joys to becoming a senior and no, we’re not talking about getting the OAP discount!

But growing older and seeing your children become adults in their own right is truly one of life’s blessings. It only gets better when they start having children of their own.

But the downside to getting older? You don’t have the stamina or mobility that you once had. So how can you spend exciting afternoons outside with your family?

Read on and learn about some popular senior outdoor activities that your grand children will want to do as well.

Fun Warm Weather Senior Outdoor Activities

We’ve put together some fun holiday ideas for seniors with limited mobility proving that the great outdoors is not just for the young’uns!

1. Visit a Craft Show or Car Boot

These markets can be a lot of fun for the entire family and with their outdoor setting, they’re super easy to get around no matter your level of mobility.

Some ideas could be just going for a stroll or, you could make it a scavenger hunt with the whole family. We think craft shows and car boots are also great because of the vendors. They’re always eager to chat about whatever they’re selling and their hobbies.

Bring your grand kids to an old flea market for a fun day out. You’ll love watching them examine LPs, old cassettes and rotary phones like they’re ancient alien artefacts.

2. Get Out On the Water

Getting out on a boat with your kids and grand kids is a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own boat. Pontoon boats, catamarans, and even mini yachts can all be easily be rented if you live or holiday near water.

Double check with the organiser of your trip that the boat has a covered area so you’re not spending the entire day out in the sun.

Most boat rental companies include snack and beverage packages as well. To keep the kids from getting bored, see if you can also rent kayaks or jumbo floaties for them to play with.

3. Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching is the perfect outdoor activity for seniors who miss getting out and exploring in nature.

Before you get started with this activity, do some research on the birds that live in your area and ways to identify them. The library should be a good starting point for books and you can go online with your grand kids to hear what some of the local birds sound like.

Many churches and communities already have birdwatching groups that you can join and if there isn’t one already, you can start your own!

Make sure you pack binoculars, a birdwatching book and maybe even a camera to document the birds you find.

4. Channel Your Inner Artist as a Nature Photographer

These days, anyone can be a photographer and all you need is a phone or compact digital camera.

This is the perfect chance to sit down with your kids or grand kids and learn a little about how to use your camera from them. Just don’t be alarmed if they turn on a puppy filter to take a picture with you!

You can shoot the great outdoors or maybe pictures of your family enjoying a nice sunny day.

And while there is something romantic about getting a roll of film developed, now you don’t even need to bother with any of that. Just connect your camera to a computer and print out the pictures you like in no time. Even better, print out the ones where your adult kids are looking a bit silly!

Get Out and Enjoy the Sun

Don’t let anyone tell you that having limited mobility means being stuck inside! Ask at your local church or community centre about any senior outdoor activities they’re planning for the spring and summer.

Contact us about accessibility solutions so you can spend your golden years travelling the countryside in your motorhome.

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