How to Find the Perfect Camping Village This Summer

How to Find the Perfect Camping Village This Summer

Tents at night at a camping village

Summer is approaching which means that once school is out, it’s time to start planning that much-needed vacation.

But the question, where to go?

Did you know that Europe is a worldwide leader in international tourism? In 2016, travel and tourism contributed over 624 billion euros and over 2 million jobs to people.

Instead of planning the usual trip to Disney World or some luxurious resort, why not enjoy the beauty of nature by camping or taking a trip out in your motorhome? If you’re not sure where to find the perfect camping and caravaning site this summer, here are some helpful tips and tricks!

Know the Destination

Are you looking to be surrounded by the woods? Lying on the ground in a tent? Or do you want the motorhome surrounded by water? Know where you want to be because that will help determine which campsite will best suit your needs.

Did you know that camping in Europe has increased by 8 percent? People stayed an average of 4 days camping, and the best part is, 17 percent of campsites are open all year round!

Now, it’s just a matter of where you’re going…

Sheffield has more trees while Cambridgeshire offers campers more countryside and market towns.

Cornwall has four campsites that offer tons of family activities and beach holiday, while a London campsite is a short train away from the major tourist attraction of the capital.

Tough choice.

Pick Something You’ll Be Comfortable In

If you’re camping for a week or so, you have to create your own home-away-from-home. Bring comfortable blankets and pillows. Free camping spots are usually in undeveloped areas so a bathroom could be limited.

If you’re bringing seniors on the trip, don’t make them do a lot of work. Help them out by providing portable folding steps they can get on and off the motorhome safely.

The best part about travelling in a motorhome, there’s no age limit. This is a perfect vacation opportunity for the entire family!

Know the Rules of the Camping Village

When looking for a free camping spot, make sure you know all the rules associated with staying there. Many places have rules on the number of days you can stay in one spot. Camp registration is easy, all you have to do is call around and ask for information.

Free camping spots don’t have RV hookups for electricity and water, so know what you’re getting into. There’s plenty of facilities that do offer those things. So if the kids are going to need Wi-Fi, you’ll have to shop around.

Is your family camping in tents? Then consider an extra tent floor because laying on gravel for long periods of time will not feel comfortable!

How We Can Help

The whole idea is to enjoy yourself – whether it’s camping in a tent or living in the motorhome. We want to make sure that the motorhome is equipped with the necessities people need.

Contact us today and we’ll help determine what you need before you hit the road!

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