It’s Time for a Motorhome: How to Buy an RV and Why Getting One Should Be Your Main New Year’s Resolution

It’s Time for a Motorhome: How to Buy an RV and Why Getting One Should Be Your Main New Year’s Resolution

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The demand for RVs is skyrocketing. In some places, like the United States, RV sales have jumped by as high as 15 percent in recent years.

More and more, people are realising they can see the world without leaving the comforts of home.

And an RV has become the perfect new year resolution key for ambitious travellers.

But what are the advantages of an RV and what are the best ways to select one? We’ve mapped out how to buy an RV and why it should top the new year’s resolution list.

How to Buy an RV

If saving money, travelling, finding an affordable home, or being independent is on the new year’s resolution list, an RV purchase is a good move. And there are several advantages to moving into a motorhome full time.

But before anyone checks it off the new year’s resolution list, there are keys to buying to consider.

First, it is best to decide how much time will be spent in the RV. Will it be used for just a few weekends a year or will it become a full-time home? This will help the buyer decide what extras should be included in the RV.

Also, consider the destinations. The type of RV that’s best will depend on whether it’s built for heavy camping or more comfortable travel.

And it’s good to decide what things are needed personally for a good travel experience.

Once those priorities are nailed down, here are some RV options for making this new years resolution a good one.

Luxury Class A Motorhomes

These palaces on wheels are stocked with everything from a top estate. And some of these beautiful RVs are worth millions.

They have everything from full-sized fridges and granite-finished kitchens to entire basement floors.

It’s not uncommon for these giant RVs to have slide outs that open up into entire rooms.

Class B Motorhomes

This type of RV usually has many of the conveniences of class A motorhomes. But they are more compact.

They usually are equipped with televisions, a kitchen, a washroom, and sleeping quarters.

They’re a good comfortable option for couples or trios.

Class C Motorhomes

As you might guess, these homes are just a slightly minimized version of class A and B RVs.

They are a popular choice for families looking for rentals.

They’re usually a bit less expensive but still a good choice for families or couples who want to have a comfortable trip.

Travel Trailers

They have many of the amenities of the other motorhomes on the list, but they can be detached from the vehicle. They are towed by another vehicle.

That means they can be unhitched and dropped at a campsite. And they can range from simple to luxurious.

They’re a solid option for anyone who wants to leave the home at a destination and explore in a separate vehicle.

Kicking Off Your New Years Resolution Right

Determining which type of RV suits the buyer’s needs is the key way to decide how to buy an RV. And once priorities are nailed down, there are plenty of options out there.

Want to learn about the latest tools for comfortable RV living? Visit our page here to see the newest lifts, steps, and pet stairs for motorhomes.

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