Home Sweet Motorhome: How to Decorate Your Motorhome

Home Sweet Motorhome: How to Decorate Your Motorhome

Caravan and motorhome decor

There are currently 555,000 touring caravans travelling across the UK. With the average caravan costing between £15,000 and £27,000, you’ll want to make it your home away from home.

Need help coming up with ideas for what you can do improve the decor and make your caravan more functional? We’ve got you covered with some of the top ideas that will keep your caravan on trend and homey.

Keep reading for some of the top motorhome decor ideas.

The Right Lighting

Let’s face it, that stock lighting currently in your caravan isn’t that great. It’s easy enough to replace it. Look for fixtures that you can use LEDs with.

This not only improves the light quality but also makes your caravan safer and more energy efficient. LED bulbs use less power and run at a cooler temperature.

If you want to get fancy, look for lighting you can adjust. Then you can make it bright when you really need to see, but also dim it for a more cosy atmosphere.

Folding Steps

Nothing is more annoying than that awkwardly high step in and out of your caravan.

Especially when your hands are full while carrying something. Now you’re doing deep knee bends. You want to be on holiday, not work out!

You can’t get a regular step stool though, they are just not the right height or stable enough. Enter the folding caravan steps. You can get them in one or two steps, whatever you need.

Don’t want to step at all? No problem, get the powered step. It will lift you up and down into your caravan.

Use Real China

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to feel at home is to use real china and glassware. You’ll need to plan a little while you’re underway so they don’t break.

However, it will be worth it when you arrive at your site. You’ll settle down to your first dinner and feel like you’re at home with the subtle clink of your silverware on china.

Use a Scent

Smell plays a key role in how we perceive our surroundings. It can bring back fond memories of childhood.

Your home has a distinct smell, so why not bring that into your caravan? You could try placing some fresh flowers or get a scented cone or plugin.

Just remember that it is a smaller space, so a little goes a long way!

Upgrade Your Motorhome Decor

Just because you’re travelling across this great country doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style or with the comforts of home. By making some key changes, you can turn your motorhome decor from drab stock to custom comfy.

Making small changes to the lighting, scent, and dishes you use will give your caravan the feel of home. Adding some folding steps will give you the ease of mobility of getting in and out without that awful high step.

Looking for just the right steps for your next caravan adventure? Then you need to start here.

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[…] Motorhome and caravan camping is the preferred type of camping for most seniors. You can enjoy the fresh air and serene environment, yet you can still sleep in a comfortable bed. […]

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