5 Essential Tips for Storing an RV Outside in the Winter

5 Essential Tips for Storing an RV Outside in the Winter

An RV outside in Winter

With the summer travel season over, it’s time to start planning your winter RV storage.

It’s pretty straightforward if you use an RV storage unit or your garage is big enough. If not, you must deal with realities of storing an RV outside in the winter.

It’s more trouble than storing one inside but not unmanageable. Keep reading for some essential tips you need to know.

1. Clean Out Any Perishables

You must clear any perishables out of the RV before you store it. Perishable food not only attracts rodents but it also molds.

Make sure you check the refrigerator. It’s the most likely place that perishables will go unnoticed.

You’ll likely end up taking a full bag of refuse out of the RV. If your RV lacks steps, make sure you keep a stepping stool on hand.

2. Exterior Cleaning

RVs pick up a lot of dust and small debris as they travel down the road. It might seem like a minor issue but you should still clean the outside thoroughly.

All of that dust and debris offer a staging ground for mildew and mold.

Body materials and finishes on RVs vary by age and manufacturer. Consult the manual for recommendations on cleaning solutions.

As a general rule, hoses and soft brushes prove safe for cleaning most RV surfaces.

3. Drain the Water

The hoses and water tank on your RV won’t cope well with freezing temperatures. The tank might crack and the hoses can split.

Think of it like leaving a garden hose outside for the winter with water in it. In the spring, the hose might still work. It won’t work well.

The big difference is that garden hoses cost a lot less than a new water system in your RV.

4. Fuel Stabiliser

It doesn’t take long for petrol to go bad. It can happen in as little time as a month. Most RVs will sit for longer than that over the winter.

Fuel stabiliser additives help prevent petrol from going bad for as long as a year. In technical terms, it reduces the oxidation of the petrol and helps repel water.

In practical terms, it means your RV should start right up in the spring or early summer.

5. RV Cover

A breathable RV cover will spare you some problems.

Right at the top of the list, it protects your RV from melting snow. Water from melting snow often seeps into RVs along the seams.

It also prevents falling leaves, dust, and branches from coming into direct contact with RV. That limits damage to the finish and helps prevent mildew.

You get a cleaner, better-preserved vehicle in the spring.

Parting Thoughts on Storing an RV Outside in the Winter

Storing an RV outside in the winter means you must make some essential preparations.

Remove all the perishables. Drain the water system. Add some fuel stabiliser.

Give the exterior a thorough cleaning. Then, put a breathable RV cover over it.

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