Essential Motorhome Accessories for 2018

Essential Motorhome Accessories for 2018

Motorhome parked on the beach

Imagine sandy beaches, serene cliffs, pastoral farmlands, and peaceful nature trails. An idyllic drive along the countryside, and a night sleeping under the stars along a coastal campsite.

The main reasons people go camping are to reduce stress, spend time with loved ones, and fulfill themselves emotionally. The most comfortable and relaxing way to experience this favourite pastime is from the comfort of your caravan or RV.

You’ve already got the destination in mind, a companion, and the transportation. All you need are the right motorhome accessories. The open road beckons, so read on.

The Essentials

With RV sales up 15% from last year, you can be sure there are many cool RV accessories on the market.

While most mobile phones are capable of providing directions, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup GPS system. It’s one of the main RV essentials and provides a more stress-free experience when navigating the unfamiliar road ahead.

You’re lucky enough to have running water but RV’s can be plagued by poor water pressure. Invest in a water pressure regulator or gauge to avoid any plumbing issues and to prevent water damage.

A solar device charger lets you use the sun’s energy to keep your battery well charged.

Enhance your cell phone signal with a cell phone booster. Different models can increase signal up to 32x or up to two miles away, and even combine multiple router signals in the area.

A tyre blow out is a common fear for an RV driver, and they do happen. It’s better to be prepared and use a tyre pressure monitor system.

For the Kitchen

Collapsible kitchen accessories (bowls, colanders, and dishpans) are a must-have for space saving camper supplies.

Food has been listed as one the best things about camping, so a portable grill is one of the top RV essentials. Certain models not only bbq but can also roast, bake and fry your food.

For your drinking needs, a water filtration system and portable ice maker will make your camping experience much more refreshing.

For Comfort

Stay cool with a table fan, such as the Dyson Pure Cool Cooling Fan, which is a safe option when travelling with children.

Lounging beneath the stars next to a crackling fire isn’t complete without cool RV accessories, like a set of zero gravity lounge chairs.

One of the greatest advantages of travelling by RV is the ability to take a nice hot shower. Choose a shower head with enough pressure and a flow stop to conserve water.

If you’re looking for a lift up into the RV, a LeisureLift with advanced technology powered steps is the way to go.

For Fun

Portable fire pits are a staple for any RV trip, but get creative with cool RV accessories like a campfire with USB plugin (the fire actually creates electricity and powers your electronics).

Space is often limited in an RV, but foldable bikes and inflatable kayaks mean you don’t have to make leisure sacrifices.

If you went ahead and brought along that portable ice machine that was mentioned earlier, you can also throw in a portable cocktail maker or travel bar for a relaxing nightcap after a long drive.

Motorhome Accessories for a Memorable Trip

You’re ready for a new adventure. You’ve got your RV all decked out with the latest motorhome accessories, and a license to drive.

Now all that’s left to do is plan your ideal trip. Learn more here about how to find the perfect place to camp this summer. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the open road ahead.

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