3 Reasons Why Seniors Should Consider Full Time Motorhome Living

3 Reasons Why Seniors Should Consider Full Time Motorhome Living

RV retirement living

Many of us have dreamed of retirement holidays spent touring the country in the comfort of our own home on wheels.

But what if that could become, not just a holiday, but a lifestyle?

Sound intriguing? It might not be what you had planned, but hear us out. There are lots of good reasons why RV retirement living could be the answer for you.

Read on for three reasons to give RV retirement living a try!

Total Freedom

Your whole life you have likely been tied to pretty much a single, or at best a few, spots. Paying rent or a mortgage is a serious tie – and would cramp anyone’s style.

The full-time RV lifestyle gives you the freedom to pitch up wherever you fancy. If you’ve always wanted to really explore the Lake District, but have always balked at the hotel prices, now’s your chance!

The next day you can head off to the Peak District, Snowdonia, the Scottish Highlands – the only limit is your imagination.

Long spells on the continent? Why not! With plenty of time to travel further afield, you can find destinations that are very RV friendly, and offer excellent value for money in stunning settings.

Closer to home, it gives you the flexibility to visit your family wherever they are. You can make the trip long or short – and you’ll always have your own home to go back to at night.

An Accessible Home

RVs could seem daunting if mobility is something of an issue. However, your local dealer will be able to advise you on the best RV for a retired couple.

There are lots of ways to make your RV more comfortable and accessible. A range of products are available, including powered steps for RVs and specially designed handles.

An Affordable Home

Many of us are living in our biggest asset, meaning that funds are tied up that we can’t enjoy. Living in an RV could be a way to have a fun retirement and save costs at the same time.

There are several costs involved in running a motorhome full-time – think insurance, fuel, campsite fees to name a few. However, these are often less than running a property.

As you already have a vehicle, there is no need to run a car as well, saving you another expense. True, the mpg is not as good as a car, but hey, you’re driving your home around!

This could allow you to release funds from your property to enjoy in your retirement. Alternatively, some people may choose to rent out their home to pay for the RV retirement.

The Bottom Line: 3 Reasons for RV Retirement Living

It might not be what you had envisioned, but there are compelling reasons why RV retirement living could be a fantastic choice for you.

They give you freedom and flexibility, accessibility, low running costs and best of all – they’re tremendous fun.

At Leisure Access, we’ve got everything you need to make your RV the perfect retirement pad on wheels.

Click here to see our great range of products today.

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