Dean Bailey

A tranquil caravan site nestled between trees and fields
Posted by | 3rd September 2018
5 Quiet and Tranquil Caravan Sites Perfect for Seniors

When you go caravanning, you want scenery, serenity, and no distractions. Older adults especially want the quietness that caravanning in the country offers. This caravan season, spend your holiday in...

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RV retirement living
Posted by | 22nd August 2018
3 Reasons Why Seniors Should Consider Full Time Motorhome Living

Many of us have dreamed of retirement holidays spent touring the country in the comfort of our own home on wheels. But what if that could become, not just a...

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Motorhome parked next to the sea
Posted by | 11th July 2018
6 of the Best Mobile Caravan Sites by the Sea for Seniors

Camping in the UK has become so popular recently. Not only does it encourage people to step away from their normal lives, but the scenic views are definitely one for...

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A youngish OAP pushing grand child in a pram
Posted by | 4th June 2018
4 Senior Outdoor Activities You’ll Love to Do over and over Again

There are so many joys to becoming a senior and no, we're not talking about getting the OAP discount! But growing older and seeing your children become adults in their...

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Motorhome parked on the beach
Posted by | 30th April 2018
Essential Motorhome Accessories for 2018

Imagine sandy beaches, serene cliffs, pastoral farmlands, and peaceful nature trails. An idyllic drive along the countryside, and a night sleeping under the stars along a coastal campsite. The main...

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Tents at night at a camping village
Posted by | 12th April 2018
How to Find the Perfect Camping Village This Summer

Summer is approaching which means that once school is out, it's time to start planning that much-needed vacation. But the question, where to go? Did you know that Europe is...

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Motorhome at the side of the lake
Posted by | 9th April 2018
Enjoy Your Mobile Home Again With Leisure Access

Are you suffering from mobility problems? You aren't the only one! There are many people dealing with mobility issues. Mobility symptoms can range from joint stiffness to poor balance or...

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A motorhome on the open road
Posted by | 13th March 2018
Debunking the Top 5 Misconceptions about Motorhome Travel

People come up with all kinds of reasons why they can't get into caravan travel. They think it's too expensive. They believe they're too old to enjoy caravan travel adventures....

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Sat outside motorhome enjoying the view
Posted by | 12th March 2018
There Are No Age Limits On Enjoying a Mobile Home Staycation in the UK

Looking to plan your next holiday away but want to avoid over-complicated trips that get stressful and expensive quick? Luckily, the solution you need could be right outside your front...

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Senior Couple with Campervan
Posted by | 20th December 2017
LeisureAccess Official Launch: Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show 2018

We are very excited to be launching our fantastic range of Motorhome and Caravan Access Aids at Birmingham’s NEC’s Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show 2018. The Caravan, Camping & Motorhome...

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